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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals to (possibly) open with a Four-Man Rotation; Moore Traded; Strasburg underrated(?)

Saying goodbye to Viera, saying goodbye to Tyler Moore, the Nats-Mets rivalry, a four-man rotation and more in today's Wire Taps.

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Today, the Nationals say goodbye to an important (slightly annoying and far, but important) piece of their history, as they say goodbye to Space Coast Stadium and Viera for the last time. Come next February, the Nats and their fans will make their annual spring pilgrimage, but it'll be to West Palm Beach instead. Speaking of pilgrimages, the Nationals will make their way up to D.C. on Thursday, and a week from today, they'll be in Atlanta... for Opening Day. So close, yet so far.

Here's the (final) news from Viera.

The Nationals played two games yesterday, and didn't lose...
Gio Gonzalez pitched six two-run innings, and Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman and Jayson Werth provided run support against the Braves in a 7-2 win.

(But they didn't win both either)
A come from behind... tie?

Will the Nats start with a four-man rotation?
With two days off in their first week, the Nats could go until April 13th with a four-man rotation. Will they?

A look into the newly founded Nats-Mets rivalry
David Wright discusses the similarities and differences between the Mets' rivalry with the Phillies and their rivalry with the Nationals, and how it's playing out in the stands.

Tyler Moore traded to the Braves
An inevitable move, if you think about it. Moore had too much promise just to sit in Syracuse for no return. He was sent to Atlanta in exchange for minor-league first baseman Nate Freiman.

Schedule could be key in early NL East race
Although the Nationals enjoy a cushioned start to the season, May won't be as favorable. As for the Mets, they start by watching the Royals raise their banner and get their rings (on consecutive nights, a brilliant marketing ploy, by the way), and it goes downhill from there.

Viera locals prepare for a future without baseball
The Nationals will play their final Spring Training game at Space Coast Stadium, as well as what looks to be the last Spring Training game in Viera history. The Nationals, however, aren't just leaving behind Viera and Space Coast Stadium, they're also leaving behind a dedicated fan base. What are their plans for life after baseball?

Looking into the economic impact of the Nats' new Spring Training digs
Alongside profiling what seems like a futile race with time to open a new stadium on time, Ken Belson looks into where the project leaves West Palm Beach, as well as Viera.

Is Stephen Strasburg Underrated?
No, not overrated. Underrated. From mainly a statistical angle, this article argues that Strasburg isn't getting his due.

Also: Dusty Baker provided this gem of a quote regarding triple plays.

Today's Game: Marlins vs Nationals
Probable Pitchers: Chris Narveson vs Stephen Strasburg