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Wire Taps: Nationals vs Cuba; Wilson Ramos and LASIK; Bat Flips (?)

Spring Training is finally in full swing, and the Nationals are tearing up the Grapefruit League, which means absolutely nothing, unfortunately. But with only one televised game so far, most of Spring Training has gone with little note or documentation. So what exactly is going on down in Viera?

Wilson Ramos has received Lasik surgery... will it do him any good?
Wilson Ramos has received Lasik surgery... will it do him any good?
Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get started, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Will (some of you may know me from the FanPosts section), and I'm new to the Federal Baseball team. I now write the Wire Taps, and I'm excited to get to work.

Now that introductions are out of the way...

The Nationals could realistically play in/against Cuba during next year's spring training

Although we all may be caught up in the excitement of the Rays' upcoming game in Havana, the baseball commissioner of Cuba is already looking towards next year. He noted that he would like the Nationals to come to Cuba next year, and that the Nationals have (conditionally) invited them back to D.C. to play another exhibition game.

Wilson Ramos is back after Lasik, and is better than ever

Ramos, after flying back to D.C. on March 3rd for laser eye surgery, is already seeing a difference in his hitting... he hopes that it'll help him "behind the plate, and in front of the plate as well".

The five non-roster invitees who could actually be important

Andrew Flax of the Nats Blog highlights the non roster invitees who could be important over the course of the season (headlined by Bronson Arroyo, of course).

To (bat) flip, or not to flip?

Old school vs new school once again manifests itself in the Nationals clubhouse, as the players debate when/whether bat flips are appropriate. (Spoiler: Bryce Harper enjoys them)

Ian Desmond Home Run Helmet Pull Memorial Video

With Ian Desmond getting ready to start his first season with the Rangers, it only seemed appropriate that a tribute be made to his signature helmet-pull-off move. No, seriously, this is a thing.