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Nationals' 3B Anthony Rendon mentions Taylor Swift again, answers questions...

Washington Nationals' third baseman Anthony Rendon answered a series of rapid-fire questions (from fans I presume) in a video that the Nats posted on their Twitter account this morning. Get to like Rendon a little more in just 30-ish seconds...

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Rendon quickly endeared himself to fans in the nation's capital with his personality, permasmile and contact bat. When we aren't worrying about him getting injured and costing us all opportunities to see him hit, or gloating about his Gold Glove potential at third base, where he's moved now, a year later than planned after he got injured last Spring, we enjoy watching him yawning at the plate... or in the dugout... [ed. note - "He says below he's a night owl, but maybe more sleep is what he needs?"]. [Another ed. note - "Rendon once said, 'I can't yawn? What's wrong with that? It's just lack of oxygen to the brain,' in an interview with Ray Knight."]

Washington's 2011 1st Round pick is one of the more likable Nationals, and not just because of his skills at the plate (he has a .274/.347/.433 line in three major league seasons) and potential at third base.

He's coming off an injury-plagued 2015 campaign in which he played in just 80 games, but he's healthy now and preparing for his fourth season in the nation's capital.

He took some time recently to answer a series of rapid-fire questions, making sure to give a shoutout to his pop sensation infatuation, sharing his thoughts on what he does to relax, what his favorite food is and more.

It's like getting all those awkward first date questions out of the way in like 30 seconds. Maybe young couples should just do this before dinner on their first date. Do young couples still go out to dinner on dates?

You can check it out and get to know/like Rendon even more through the video below from @Nationals on the Twitter: