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Nationals' lineup vs Marlins; Nats' skipper Dusty Baker on weather messing up plans

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Washington Nationals' skipper Dusty Baker had to change his plans for resting some of his regulars with the on again off again way things have gone early this season. He gave Ryan Zimmerman the day off today. So Clint Robinson starts vs Miami.

Photo © and courtesy the @Nationals on the Twitter.
Photo © and courtesy the @Nationals on the Twitter.

Dusty Baker told reporters this morning that the weather is causing him all kinds of issues, not just with Washington's starters, who keep missing scheduled throwing days and are getting pushed back, but also with his plans for the Nationals' everyday and bench players.

"I had a plan to give some guys days off this week coming up, but with all the off days and stuff, I changed my plan," he said.

Baker has stressed, since he first got the job with the Nationals, the importance of getting his regulars enough rest to keep them sharp all season and getting his bench players enough at bats that they can stay in the rhythm they got in while playing every day in Spring Training.

This afternoon, Ryan Zimmerman gets the day off with Clint Robinson starting at first base for the first time this season.

"I don't want my guys not in the game or not playing very much," Baker explained. "That's why I gave Zim today off, because Zim's been running a lot, it's cold, [and I] wanted 'Big Boy' [Robinson] to get some at bats and I've got other plans for [Chris] Heisey and [Stephen] Drew and these guys, but the weather is throwing a wrench in my plans.

Baker said his players also looked tired, or at least the "concentration-level wasn't the same" in the first game against Miami, after they played Wednesday night in Atlanta and flew home to D.C. for the home opener on Thursday.

With Friday a scheduled off day, and Saturday rained out, however, he said the players should be well rested.

"They're certainly not tired other than the 2:30 in the morning get-in now. I've got plans to rest them and try to keep everybody sharp, but the weather the scheduling hasn't helped my plans."

Here's the lineup that Baker is sending out in this afternoon's Sunday matinee with the Marlins: