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Wire Taps: No timetable for Revere comeback; Barry Bonds on Bryce Harper; 6th Racing President

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Catch up on your Washington Nationals. All the Nats news and links from this weekend.

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Due to a cold-out, the Nationals only played one game this weekend, but boy was it one interesting game. Jayson Werth (finally) got his first hit, Jonathan Papelbon made his first appearance at Nationals Park this season, and Bryce Harper came this close to hitting his 100th home run. It will come soon, don't worry.

Here's the news from Nationals Park.

No timetable set for Revere's return
After the MRI confirmed Ben Revere's oblique strain, the Nationals didn't set a timetable for the outfielder's comeback. It could, hypothetically, heal by the end of the fifteen day stint, but the Nationals simply don't know if it will.

Barry Bonds: "Harper doesn’t compare to me yet"

The hitting coach for the Marlins, among other things, noted that Harper was a "beast" but not on his level. Yet.

Nats brave cold for little league Opening Day
Gio Gonzalez, Dusty Baker, and Ryan Zimmerman were present at the ribbon-cutting of Ryan Zimmerman field, while Jayson Werth threw out the first pitch elsewhere. And yet, it was too cold for the Nats themselves to play last Saturday.

The Nats added a sixth racing president
During Meet the Press, the Nationals announced that they are adding President... Herbert Hoover to the lineup. An interesting choice, to say the least.

The first projection for Giolito's call-up
After the cold-out on Saturday, some are projecting that Giolito could make his first major league appearance with the Nationals on May 14th, the makeup date on which a doubleheader is scheduled.

Fan won't shave beard until Nats win World Series
For his parents' sake, let's hope the Nationals win it all this year.

Don't forgive Jonathan Papelbon. Boo him mercilessly.
Scott Allen published his guide on not booing Papelbon. Here's the opposite guide.

Dusty Baker wants Michael A. Taylor to be more aggressive
The bench player thrust into a leadoff role has some stuff to learn before he can truly make up for the loss of Revere.

Tonight's Game: Braves vs Nationals
Probable Pitchers: Max Scherzer (0-0) vs Bud Norris (0-1)