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Nats win over Marlins: "Make Baseball Warm Again" and other Bryce Harper-istic stuffs

In the victory against the Marlins, Bryce Harper shined like a star, reaching 100 doubles for his career on a cold afternoon in the nation's capital.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It was a cold day yesterday in Washington.

Okay, not so cold, but enough.

The season is long and in Washington, D.C. the temperature is still low, but Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals are warming the engines, defeating the Marlins, 4-2.

During the match, Bryce Harper launched a new campaign

I'm with him, baseball needs to back hotness. Not too tropical…

... but something cool, like a milestone in his career.

Hum, let me think... Are 100 career doubles enough? Oh yes, this is hot.

He said he did not know it was his 100th career double until he came in the locker room after the game.

This means he does not think about the personal goals achieved, but to those yet to be achieved: that is the essence of a great player.

Nevertheless, the weather news does not end there. In fact, in addition to the victory of the Nationals against the Marlins, from the other fields arrived the news about the Mets loss against the Phillies.

Perhaps Yoenis Cespedes hears the cold booing of his fans during the 1-0 defeat against the Phillies at Citi Field or maybe he just needed to drink something hot during the break but Mr. Met did not allow him....

Who knows?...

It is a long season and it is still cold. However, Bryce Harper is starting to warm.