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Game 5 WPA: LASIK really works. Nats win 6-4.

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Max was not at maximum, but he kept it close enough for some solid bullpen work and timely hitting to pick him up. Good team effort, Nats. Someday you might all be as awesome as Wilson Ramos.

"RAAAAAAR! I GETZ ALL TEH SINGULZ!!" (Not an actual quote.)
"RAAAAAAR! I GETZ ALL TEH SINGULZ!!" (Not an actual quote.)
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

160411-5 WPA

  • A little shaky: Max Scherzer (-8.4%) gives up 4 runs over 6 IP with 6 Ks and 3 walks.
  • The third run in the first is turning into his thing: Daniel Murphy (+18.4%) hits a two-out, two-out bomb to put the Nats ahead in the first (+19.4%).
  • He must have gotten his 50 ABs in Spring: Ryan Zimmerman (+12.5%) is 2-3 with a double, a sac fly, and a walk.
  • Is the "single cycle" a thing? Wilson Ramos (+33.0%) is 4-4, driving in the winning tally with two outs in the 5th (+13.8%) and driving in an insurance run with two outs in the 7th (+10.1%). He also threw out a runner to end the 4th.
  • A new hope: Felipe Rivero (+13.5%) gets three straight outs across two innings to hold the lead, earn a shutdown, and get into the ayeth.
  • It isn't always going to be this easy: Jonathan Papelbon (+7.0%) gets the bottom of the order out to earn a save and a shutdown.
  • Improving: Michael A. Taylor (+7.5%) gets two hits, two stolen bases, and only strikes out once!

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