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Seven reasons for the Nationals to get back the picture of Danny Espinosa with the beard

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Washington Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo said he asked to change the scoreboard picture of Danny Espinosa during games. But he is wrong: these are just seven reasons why...

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Danny Espinosa's beard will no longer appear on the jumbotron during games. It was Mike Rizzo's decision. However, is it a good thing?

Fans love him and love his beard. They want the old picture back. These are some reasons that explain why they want the bearded pic back:

1.     "He that hath a beard is more than a youth; and he that hath no beard is less than a man"

It's Shakespeare, folks. Who are we to dispute the aphorisms of the greatest bard of all time?

2.     More beard, more sponsor, more money

Have you seen how James Harden appears without beard?

The sponsors would pay him in pimple creams.

3.     Rollie Fingers, Mike Napoli, Brian Wilson, Jonny Gomes.

Many great players have/had famous beards. Some of them also become iconic figures in sports thanks their facial style. Was the facial style a problem in their career? Are they out from Hall of Fame or without a title? No.

4.     Build That Confidence

Yesterday, during the first inning, Espinosa made a little mistake. Just an episode? Uhm. Bearded man feels much safer and driven to succeed. With the beard, there would be no mistake.

5.     In emergencies, it can keep you and your friends warm

There has already been a match postponed for bad weather. In another one Bryce Harper looked like a bandit with his neck scarf. With a big beard nothing like this would have happened. A big beard would allow Espinosa to warm himself. A big-big beard would allow Espinosa to warm himself and the entire dugout.

6.     Hide things in it

World Series. Strasburg on the mound, José Bautista hits. The ball looks going out of the park. It appears to be a home run, of course. However, while everybody is watching where the ball is, Espinosa pulls out another ball from his beard and pass it to the first base. Bautista is out; Nationals win the title.

7.  Hey Mike, You know how beautiful you would be with the Espinosa beard?