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Washington Nationals Special Holiday Uniforms unveiled

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MLB, through its Twitter account, has unveiled the uniforms created for special days this. Here are all the major league teams' uniforms and caps, including the Washington Nationals holiday gear.

Photo screencap via @MLB on the Twitter.
Photo screencap via @MLB on the Twitter.

Major League Baseball has unveiled the special uniforms that will be worn this year by every major league team.

For the first time in the history, MLB teams have added special uniforms for Mother's Day and Father's Day. All for a good cause.

For the occasion of Mother's Day, the teams wear jerseys and caps in pink and gray or white, according to the franchise.

The Nationals have chosen grey ones. The same concept as the Father's Day uniforms, with the blue replacing the pink.

Clubs will donate the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen and the Prostate Cancer Foundations.

During Memorial Day, teams will use a cap with new woodland camouflage design licensed by the U.S. Marine Corps.

It is the eighth consecutive year there is something dedicated to Memorial Day.

This is the style conceived for July 4th:

For the Nationals there will be the red version.

The official MLB twitter profile has also unveiled the cap for the All-Star Game

And for the HRDerby.