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Game 7 WPA: Early bird special. Nats win 3-0.

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Roark had a solid outing, while Werth and Drew came through with big hits on a cold night.

Strasburg has another good--wait, who's this guy?
Strasburg has another good--wait, who's this guy?
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Via Fangraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • A bit better BABIP this time: Tanner Roark (+34.3%) pitches seven scoreless innings, fanning four, walking three, and getting a lot things caught behind him.
  • Old man power, part one: Stephen Drew (+11.0%) gives Ant a day off and belts a solo shot to left to put the Nats ahead in the fourth (+13.2%).
  • Old man power, part two: Jayson Werth (+14.3%) catches several fly balls in left field before deciding it's never too early to pad one's stats, hitting a two-bomb into the seats below the Red Porch [sic] to put the game away (+16.6%).

Robot umpires now!

I have no particular beef with the outcome, and I see no particular bias in this result, but I present it for the sheer ridiculousness of some of the calls. Ladies and gentlemen, the strike zone stylings of "Balkin'" Bob Davidson:

Tonight's WPA brought to you by I shouldn't have to wear so many layers at a baseball game: