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Game 9 WPA: How is it still the first inning? Nats win 9-1.

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Ross has a really solid start, going nearly 8 scoreless. However, it's a bit overshadowed by the Nats' first-inning explosion of offense. Playing in a little league park is fun!

"Howdaya like me now, Filly Fans?" (Not an actual quote.)
"Howdaya like me now, Filly Fans?" (Not an actual quote.)
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

  • The WPA was mostly gone by the time he got to pitch: Joe Ross (+10.7% pitching, +0.7% hitting) is 1-2 with a double, in addition to pitching 7 2/3s scoreless innings with 5 Ks and 2 walks.
  • Leadoff junk-timer: Michael Taylor (+7.9%) bats twice in the first inning, starting with a solo shot to put the Nats ahead and get a head start on padding his stats (+10.2%).
  • Old-man stat-padding: Jayson Werth (+18.0?) smacks a three-run double into left center a bit later in the first (+17.4%). C'mon, Jay-dub, who needs more than one run?
  • Now, THIS is junk-timing! Bryce Harper (+2.8%) cranks a two-run bomb out to right to put the Nats up by 9 in the 6th (+1.0%).
  • Dangerous Dans: Daniel Murphy (+5.5%) is 1-3 with a walk and a double, while Danny Espinosa (+5.2%) is 2-4 with a pair of two-out, junk-time RBIs.
  • Raspberry: Yusmeiro Petit (-0.0%) gets the last out in the aeyth but gives up a run in the ninth before finishing the game, to no particular notice from the WPA hamsters.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by a big night for number 42(s):