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Nationals' lineup for Game 2 of 3 with the Phillies in CBP: Dusty Baker sends out regulars

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Dusty Baker sends the same lineup out again tonight after the Washington Nationals pounded the Philadelphia Phillies in Citzens Bank Park on Friday. Will the Nationals make it seven straight wins? Max Scherzer's on the mound. Here's the lineup...

Photo © and courtesy the @Nationals on the Twitter.
Photo © and courtesy the @Nationals on the Twitter.

Dusty Baker was clearly pleased with the offensive output of 16 hits and nine runs that the Washington Nationals' hitters produced last night in the series-opening 9-1 win over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Baker talked to reporters in Citizens Bank Park about the benefits of jumping on the opposing team early like the Nats did with their five-run first, but what the veteran skipper really liked was that the Nationals didn't let up.

"I was kind of pleased with everything really," Baker said. "We played good defense. We had some timely, timely hitting and that's one big thing that's been kind of eluding us.

"We've been getting good pitching all along and so what I really like is the guys didn't rest on 5-0. Cause a lot of times you can rest on that 5-0 and they can start slow-walking you and the next thing it's 5-3 and then they start feeling easy.

"The main thing is that our guys padded the score."

After scoring five in the first on a solo home run by Michael A. Taylor, a base-clearing double by Jayson Werth and an RBI single by Danny Espinosa, the Nationals added a run in the third on an error, scored again in the fifth on another RBI single by Espinosa and then tacked on two when Bryce Harper hit his fourth home run of the season out to right in CBP.

"It's great. We're clicking right now," Taylor told reporters after getting everything started.

"Everybody is swinging it well."

Taylor was 2 for 6 with two Ks. He's back atop the order tonight for the second game of three with the Phillies.

Here's the Nationals' lineup that will back up and support Max Scherzer as the Nationals try to win their seventh straight overall: