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If Max Scherzer does not like high-fives, Dusty Baker can find alternative ways....

Dusty Baker said Max Scherzer does not like the high five during games. Here are some alternative ways to celebrate with his pitcher.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Dusty Baker explained recently that Max Scherzer does not like high-fives during the game.

"He doesn't like me giving him fives, so, you put your hands in your pockets. I am serious. Scherzer does not like you to talk to him. Scherzer doesn't like you to do anything."

So, what alternative ways does Dusty to celebrate with Scherzer during starts?

1)  Handshake: Dusty approaches Max decisively, takes his hand and shakes. Do not let go or release until he does. "Well done, guy." It is easy, formal and without hesitation.

2) Punch on the shoulder: Three out, Max heads to the dugout and Dusty approaches him, shouting "So good!" and playfully punches him on the shoulder. A punch on the shoulder is a great way to say "Way to go". Just a warning: Dusty, careful with your fist, not too strong to make him stumble backward, we need healthy players

3) Thumbs up: while Max approaches the dugout, Dusty has a mouth too full of water and chewing gum and he is not able to speak. He is going to lose that instant in which to congratulate him... So, what can he do? With a thumb up, he can communicate all his satisfaction.

4) Fist bump: a simple bump. Both put his hand into a fist and slam them together. Not a strong punch, Dusty does not hurt Scherzer knuckles, they are fundamental. Just a light punch can celebrate a job well done. Then, after the original fist bump, they can make post-bump movements, such as explode your hand into a firework or make it swim away like a scared jellyfish.

5)      "You like that!": So Washingtonian way to celebrate....

Perhaps this would be amazing... Come on Max; find your own way to celebrate with Dusty.