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Bryce Harper 100 Home Runs Emoji t-shirt available

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Bryce Harper says "That's a clown question, bro!" and it's an instant t-shirt slogan. He wears a trucker cap (so Williamsburgh, Brooklyn five years ago, right?) and kicks the "Make Baseball Fun Again" movement into overdrive. Now it's 100 Home Runs emoji stickers!

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Bryce Harper is on a mission to "Make Baseball Fun Again" and he hit his 100th home run recently.
Bryce Harper is on a mission to "Make Baseball Fun Again" and he hit his 100th home run recently.

Whether he's scolding a silly Canadian reporter who wants to know if he's going to buy alcohol while in Toronto about the clown-ish nature of their question or donning a trucker cap and starting a movement designed to "Make Baseball Fun Again", pretty much everything Bryce Harper does gets attention.

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Now even his subtle actions are t-shirt worthy. Harper sent an Instagram picture out of the emoji-decorated knob of his bat recently as he was chasing 100 career home runs and even though such things were reportedly frowned upon by Major League Baseball, the powers that be apparently decided that it was okay for players to use them.

Harper wasn't the first, of course, but he certainly drew a lot of attention by showing that he was putting 100% of his effort behind reaching 100 home runs...

Favorite Emoji, now my bat sticker! What's your favorite? #

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Now you can celebrate Bryce Harper's 100th career home run in style with BreakingT's latest t-shirt that recognizes the Nationals' 23-year-old slugger's latest noteworthy achievement.

Harper, last week, became the eighth-younger major leaguer in baseball history to reach the 100 HR plateau when he hit a grand slam for HR No. 100 of his career and he's hit three more since then.

Here's the pitch from our friends at BreakingT:

"Bryce Harper's latest attempt to make baseball fun again: adorning his bat knobs with "100" emoji stickers while chasing his first triple-digit milestone. And sure enough, the reigning National League MVP reached the century mark last week in true Bryce Harper fashion, crushing a grand slam on a 1-0 pitch and smashing part of the scoreboard in the process. Glorious."

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