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Team Lucas Giolito and Bryan Harper falls in bake-off against Team Aaron Barrett

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Washington Nationals players had a fun night in a bake-off: Lucas Giolito led his team, but Team Aaron Barrett composed the perfect cake.

Photo via Aaron Barrett on the Twitter (@aaronbarrett30)
Photo via Aaron Barrett on the Twitter (@aaronbarrett30)

It was a day full of competition for Washington Nationals players yesterday. As the big league Nationals were beating the Minnesota Twins, a group of minor league players were participating in a bake-off.

The event was scheduled for last Tuesday, but a perfectionist like Lucas Giolito postponed the challenge to allow for better organization of the event.... These matches must be considered seriously!

Anyway, last night the guys were challenged until the last shot of chocolate mousse. Giolito, with his teammates Bryan Harper, RC Orlan and Spencer Kieboom, tweeted the live update as if he was in a MasterChef episode.

The team seemed tight and showed commitment worthy of an October game:

Their opponents were Aaron Barrett with his roommates Taylor Hill and Matt Grace, who created a Buddy Valastro level of chocolate cake:

The judge had no doubts about the verdict:

The defeated team sportingly accepted the judgment, but Bryan Harper was not at all discouraged and he is actually ready for the next challenge to tie the series:

As well as being great fun to follow, this challenge showed the fans and the media that there is a good team chemistry in this group and there is a strong spirit of friendship between the teammates.

The season is upon us: hope 2016 is a sweet year for the D.C. team.