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Wire Taps: Nationals against lefties; Bryce Harper doesn't watch game tapes; When will we see Trea Turner?

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Catch up on the last twenty-four hours in Washington Nationals news, all in one place...

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Well, that was one very eventful inning. The Nationals hit four home runs in the seventh inning, including Bryce Harper's second career grand slam (his second in six games), one wall scraper, and one that Jayson Werth stuck behind a dolphin sculpture, the 200th of his career. Only at Marlins Park.

Here's the latest from Little Havana.

Trea Turner off to strong start, named player of the week
The Nationals' shortstop prospect, who ranked as the number nine prospect overall before this season, was named International League player of the week after enjoying a strong start to the season at Triple-A Syracuse.

How the Nationals stack up against lefty pitchers
The Nationals lineup, which is primarily right handed, enjoys hitting against lefties - and it's for a multitude of reasons, according to Dusty Baker.

Lobaton officially claims Desmond's role as "Helmet-Taker-Offer-Guy"
The most important position on an entire baseball team.

Bryce Harper doesn't watch video, know the starter or even who he's playing
Harper was actually out shopping for shoes instead of watching the game tapes of Jose Fernandez.

It could be a long time before we see Trea Turner
Turner, who got a taste of the majors in the 2015 season, probably won't be back in the show anytime soon if the Nationals are concerned about his service time and the length of his team control.

The Nats are struggling at the leadoff spot, and Dusty Baker isn't too good at fixing it
At least, from a historical perspective. According to Steven Goldman, the Nationals might need to consider some new options at the top of the order outside of Michael A. Taylor during Ben Revere's absence.

Tonight's Game: Nationals vs Marlins - 7:10 PM (MASN2, WDCH 99.1)
Probable Pitchers: Joe Ross (2-0, 0.61 ERA) vs Wei-Yin Chen (0-0, 5.566 ERA)