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Nationals' Jonathan Papelbon thought MASN's Dan Kolko had introduced him as "Johnny Jonathan"

The funny incident happened after the Washington Nationals' victory against the Miami Marlins, where the closer struck out Giancarlo Stanton for the final out.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After the Washington Nationals' victory over the Miami Marlins last night, there was a funny episode between Nats' closer Jonathan Papelbon and MASN's on-field reporter Dan Kolko.

During the interview, Kolko appeared (to Papelbon at least) to call the player "Johnny Jonathan", causing this funny reaction:

To be honest, Dan had just transitioned from MASN host Johnny Holliday in the studio and was only thanking the anchor, before he turned to Papelbon…. But the player didn’t know it!

Papelbon, after asking the reporter if he had called "Johnny Jonathan", turned to the bench to tell teammates (there was no one there though) about the incident.

As explained by the journalist on twitter, it was just a misunderstanding, but the reaction meanwhile had already become viral.

Anyway, Papelbon has earned a new nickname thanks to the no long-pause sentences of Dan Kolko…

You are welcome, "Johnny Jonathan" Papelbon!