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Nationals to skip Joe Ross (blister) on Tuesday, start Max Scherzer vs Phillies

Washington Nationals' starter Joe Ross will miss his scheduled start on Tuesday night in the series opener with the Philadelphia Phillies as he continues to deal with a blister on his right middle finger. Max Scherzer will start instead.

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Washington Nationals' starter Joe Ross left his outing against the Miami Marlins last week after just two innings of work on the mound when he developed a blister on his right middle finger.

This afternoon, the Nats announced that the 22-year-old right-hander's next start will be skipped as he continues to wait for the issue with his finger to clear up.

Dusty Baker spoke to reporters about the progress the second-year starter was making over the last few days.

On Friday, Baker explained that it wasn't an issue for Ross to that point, since he wouldn't have been throwing over the preceding few days anyway.

"He wouldn't have been doing anything other than running," Baker said. "I think his throw day is tomorrow or the next day, tomorrow, so we'll see. His finger is doing pretty good and any time you lose skin it takes a while to get that skin back and feeling right. He ain't gonna be fingerprinting no time soon, you know what I mean?

"So, we're just hoping that he can make his start and if he can't then we'll use that day off to keep everybody else in line and then we'll skip him to his next start."

Early on Saturday morning, before the Nationals' matinee matchup with Minnesota, Baker was asked if he had any update.

"I don't know," he said. "I haven't been out yet. I really haven't talked to [Pitching Coach] Mike [Maddux] yet.

"I was surprised to see [Ross] throwing yesterday. He was throwing. It looks ugly.

"I don't know if he could throw a full game like that, because there's skin over it, but it looks -- there's skin over it, but it looks kind of like an open wound where they shaved the callus off. I don't think it ever blistered, which is a good thing. Because it was raining this morning, so I doubt if he went out."

Baker was asked if they would just skip Ross as previously stated if they didn't think he was ready to go in time for the Nationals' series opener with the Philadelphia Phillies.

"Probably, because you just back everybody else up a day because of the off day," he explained, "but I don't want to get ahead of myself, we'll see."

This afternoon, the news was made official. Max Scherzer goes against the Phillies in the series opener in D.C.

More info on Ross when it is available...