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Game 18 WPA: This game is ridiculous. Nats win 6-5.

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Dusty makes his first big mistake this season, sending Strasburg back out until he hit the wall hard, and possibly his second by keeping Petit for too long. Of course, the Nats' efforts to strand every possible runner didn't help. Harper was around for his usual heroics at the plate, as was Oliver Perez. Wait, what?

Just pretend this is a picture of Chris Heisey, or possibly Oliver Perez.
Just pretend this is a picture of Chris Heisey, or possibly Oliver Perez.
Greg Fiume/Getty Images


Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Not quite Roarkian: Stephen Strasburg (-11.3%) stays in a batter too long, striking out 10 with no walks in 7.1 innings pitched, but giving up 4 runs--3 of which came on his last pitch.
  • den Dinger: Matt den Dekker (-13.0%) hits a leadoff solo bomb into the home bullpen to put the Nats ahead in the first (+10.3%), as well as making several nice plays in center in extras (WPA not credited here).
  • Tearing up the two-spot: Michael Taylor (+13.8%) is 2-3 with a walk.
  • LOBstermen: Ryan Zimmerman (-38.2%) is 1-7 with 7 LOB. Anthony Rendon (-25.5%) is 1-6 with 6 LOB.
  • Salvage: Jayson Werth (+11.5%) redeems an 0-3 with a double in the aeyth to put runners 2nd/3rd with no outs (+13.7%).
  • Rally rhino: Wilson Ramos (+19.2%) doubles in a pair of runs with no out in the ayeth to give us hope for a comeback (+20.6%).
  • Rally ruiners: Stephen Drew (-18.1%) lines out in the ayeth with the tying run on 2nd (-11.7%). Clint Robinson pinch-hit strikes out with the tying run on third (-17.5%), while den Dekker flies out to end the threat (-11.1%).
  • Flair for the dramatic, part 3: Bryce Harper leads off the ninth with a pinch-hit home run well back over the CF well to tie the game (+44.1%).
  • Relief aces: Felipe Rivero (9.2%) gets four outs, keeping the game close in the 9th and preserving the tie in the 10th, earning a shutdown. Jonathan Papelbon (+7.5%) gets the last two outs in the 10th on two pitches for his own shutdown.
  • Rally, interrupted: Jose Lobaton (-24.7%) GDPs to end a two-on threat in the 10th inning (-20.4%).
  • Long man goes long: Yusmeiro Petit (+18.5%) faces one batter too many, going 4 2/3 scoreless in extras before giving up the go-behind run--although it's still enough for a shutdown.
  • Holy crap did that actually just happen?! Oliver Perez (+16.8%% pitching, +46.6% hitting!) bats with two outs in the 15th and the tying run on second, and he bunts into a two-base throwing error to tie the game (+46.6%). Also, he gets the last four outs in relief to earn a shutdown.
  • Finally! Chris Heisey (+39.9%) sends us home happy with a walk off bomb over the visiting bullpen to lead off the 16th (+36.8%).

Today's WPA brought to you by not involved in the decision: