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Nats Nightly: Where do you even begin to start describing that game?

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They say every time you go to a Major League Baseball game you might see something you've never seen before. On Sunday, we just about saw it all.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This one started as a pitcher's duel and ended 16 innings later with Chris Heisey's game-winning, no-doubt-about-it homer over the visitor's bullpen to give the Washington Nationals a three-game sweep over the Minnesota Twins.

How it got there, though, will be talked about in NatsTown for many years to come.

First, manger Dusty Baker allowed Stephen Strasburg to face one too many batters, the result being a 3-run homer that put the home team down 4-1 after 7 1/2 innings. The Nats got two back the very next half-inning, but left a man on second with no outs and you thought, 'Eh, maybe not the Nats' day."

But then you remember that the Nats have Bryce Harper, even if he didn't start, and all he does is drill a full-count fastball from the Twins closer into the utility runway in center field to force overtime.

Once in extras, more nuttiness ensues, including Joe Ross -- whose blister is too uncomfortable for him to pitch, but apparently not to hit -- singles in a pinch-hitting appearance.

Then the Twins manufacture a run in the 15th inning off Yusmeiro Petit, who is in his fifth inning of relief and you think, 'Well, a storybook ending would have been too much.'

But then, with two outs the Twins walk Danny Espinosa to make Oliver Perez bat for the first time since 2010 because the Nats are all out of position players and all Perez does is DROP A BUNT and Minnesota catcher John Ryan Murphy throws it away because he's as stunned as the rest of us and Espinosa comes all the way around to score and tie it. Again.

Now you're thinking, 'This might be a team of destiny, after all.' Then, when Heisey launches it in the bottom of the 16th it all kinda makes perfect sense.

Anyway, that's what the FBB crew talked about on the quality piece of baseball programming linked below. Please enjoy responsibly.