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Jonathan Papelbon didn't appear pleased with Bryce Harper's missed catch (but maybe there are alternative reasons)

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Jonathan Papelbon appeared to be unhappy Bryce Harper missed a fly ball during the ninth inning. But it doesn't mean it was about the defeat... Here are some possible alternative explanations.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

During the ninth inning on Thursday, when Philadelphia's Cameron Rupp doubled to score Odubel Herrera and Freddy Galvis, #JohnnyJonathan Papelbon was captured on TV as he grimaced when right fielder Bryce Harper failed to make the catch.

Somebody linked this expression to the episode suffered last year, but actually that expression can be due to many different reasons:

  • "Damn, the market is closing and I forgot to buy peanuts!"
  • "Critics slammed Ben Affleck's interpretation of Batman in Batman v Superman!?"
  • "I forgot my iPhone charger at home!"
  • "I am still not invited to carpool with James Corden!"
  • "In House of Cards, Frank Underwood wasn’t speaking to me during his monologues!"
  • "Johnny Manziel went to a Justin Bieber concert after NFL draft with a horrible bandanna!"
  • "McGregor v Diaz rematch cancelled not due to rain!"
  • "I forgot to read the latest post on Federal Baseball before the game!"

As you can see, there is no reason to doubt about his reactions during the ninth inning. It’s all perfectly explicable.