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Game 22 WPA: I was never worried. Nats win 5-4.

Strasburg dealt, Danny Espinosa went yard, and Paps got the job done. Murphy even flashed some leather! I totally expected it.

Two-way players (shown here).
Two-way players (shown here).
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • As good as a Roark start! Stephen Strasburg (+10.1%) allows 2 runs in 7 IP with 9 Ks and 1 walk.
  • Now we'll never get him out of the leadoff spot: Michael Taylor (+8.0%) leads off the game with a solo shot (+10.5%).
  • Did you see the double play he started in the 9th? Daniel Murphy (+12.9%) drives in a game-tying run to spark a 4th-inning rally (+16.8%).
  • Put him back in the two-spot! Danny Espinosa (+20.5%) hits a two-out, two-run bomb to cap the 4th-inning rally with the eventual winning tally (+20.3%).
  • Interesting: Blake Treinen (-7.8%) earns a meltdown in the aeyth, giving up a two-run bomb (-15.0%), but (narrowly) holds the lead.
  • Okay, I was worried: Jonathan Papelbon (+18.4%) gets one of his bigger shutdowns of the season so far with a scoreless 9th, aided by Murph's nifty 4-6-3.

This WPA bought to you by one of my faves from Guitar Hero 3: