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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals announce Opening Day Roster; Moving on with Papelbon; Nats change rotation order

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Happy Opening Day! The Washington Nationals' 2016 campaign starts at 4:05 PM EDT today in Atlanta.

Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

It's finally here! Today, the Washington Nationals will face off against the Atlanta Braves, and it'll really mean something. The offseason is officially over.

Let's do this thing.

The Nationals set their Opening Day roster

Starting last Friday, the Nationals began to make their final cuts.

Which meant...

Finally, on Sunday, the Nats made the last cuts, And announced their Opening Day roster.

Last minute change to rotation, Strasburg to start second game
Although Dusty Baker originally said that Gio Gonzalez would be the number two starter, he changed his mind, and said that Stephen Strasburg would get the nod for the second game. The starter for the home opener is still unknown.

How Max Scherzer could have a better season than Clayton Kershaw...

And maybe, win the Cy Young. That is, if those fancy statistical projections ring true.

Rob Manfred agrees with Bryce Harper, is pro bat flips.
The commissioner agreed with Harper, which means bat flips won't be outlawed anytime soon.

Michael A. Taylor will go on the bench - how will he adapt?
After an incredible spring, Taylor will need to find a way to carry and keep his momentum while playing in a bench role.

The Nats visited the Nats Youth Baseball Academy
Before their first game back at Nationals Park, the players visited the academy and hung out with some other, much smaller, Nationals.

Revere's hopes for the 2016 season
After a dominant exhibition series against the Twins, the Nationals' newest acquisition hopes to "bring the noise".

Dusty Baker wants Blake Treinen to be more agressive
Or in his words, have "a little more dog".

Why it's time to move on (and love on) with Jonathan Papelbon.
After the incident last September, it may be hard to forgive, but we should at least try to forget.

Why this year is the year the Nats finally win 100
It may not look like it, but at least from a slightly analytical perspective, this year's Nats share a lot in common with their 2012 and 2014 counterparts.

Today's Game: Nationals vs Braves, 4:10 (MASN2, MLB.TV, WJFK)
Probable Pitchers: Max Scherzer vs Julio Teheran