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Nats Nightly: Washington Nationals Opening Day 2016 Season Preview Show

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We invited a number of guest on to join Dave, Doghouse and I including The Nats Blog's Joe Drugan,'s Bill Ladson, MASN's Byron Kerr and Chase Hughes from CSN Mid-Atlantic for a season preview edition of our Nats Nightly podcast.

For the last three-plus years, just about every night during the season, we fire up the radio transmitter (or our laptop and iPhones really) and talk Washington Nationals baseball on Nats Nightly, our podcast on, which is also available on iTunes and through the Podcast App on your mobile device!

Dave Nichols, founder of the District Sports Page and now a member of the staff here at FBB, the estimable Doghouse and I spend 15-20 minutes a night breaking down the action after the game ends and we occasionally invite guests on to discuss the goings-on in NatsTown.

It's quickly become one of our favorite parts of the work we do here at Federal Baseball and last year (and I swear I'm not bragging since I'm sure it's a comparatively small number) over 205,000 people downloaded and (hopefully) listened to it.

Thanks to every one of you, or the one or two people who listened 100,000 times each.

To kick off the Nationals' 2016 campaign in style, we invited a number of friends and writers we've met over the years to come on for quick segments to discuss what went down over the winter and what's coming for fans in the nation's capital.

Joe Drugan (@TheNatsBlogJoe) of The Nats Blog,'s Bill Ladson (@washingnats), MASN's Byron Kerr (@MASNKerr) and our friend Chase Hughes from CSN Mid-Atlantic (@ChaseHughesCSN) all called in for quick five-minute segments, sharing their thoughts on a number of topics including the changes on the Nationals' bench and roster, the prospects we'll all be following closely this season and more.

It was a fun show, and we hope you enjoy it or it at least helps you pass the time until the Nationals and Atlanta Braves kick off their respective seasons at 4:10 PM EDT this afternoon in Turner Field:

Thanks again to Joe, Bill, Byron and Chase for calling in and talking Nationals with us and I want to send a special thank you out to my favorite in-law (and the father of three great kids) Francis Hogan for designing our new logo for Nats Nightly.

You can see more of his work at and he also created a fantastic role playing game for anyone out there with kids who like RPGs called Adventure Maximus. Check out it and thanks again, Francis!

As always, if you scroll down the bottom of the front page at Federal Baseball, the Nats Nightly archive of shows is housed there, so if you miss the show when it's live, there is always a link on the front page.