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Nats Weekly Podcast: Opening Day Brings Hope and Promise

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Nats Weekly covers all the angles of the district's premier baseball team--and premiere sports franchise these days.

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I want to first thank the team here at Federal Baseball for doing an amazing job covering my favorite baseball team on the planet. As the managing editor over at Hogs Haven, covering the Redskins on this same network, I appreciate the responsibility that goes with leading the daily discussion(s) about a team that we all care very deeply about. The staff and the community on this site are awesome, and I look forward to joining in this season.

Preseason expectations run high no matter the team in the nation's capital, but the Washington Nationals open with some of the highest and most realistic expectations in the region. Simply put, this team is good, and has the chance to go the distance.

Throughout the season, please join me and my co-host, Greg DePalma as we discuss our favorite team and chronicle the journey from Opening Day to the World Series on Nats Weekly. I play the role of homer (as I do with all my D.C. teams), while Greg takes a more measured stance going into the regular season.

Thanks for listening, and we welcome any and all feedback you might have. Enjoy!

Go Nats!