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Leftovers: Daniel Murphy already paying dividends for Nats

The morning after every Washington Nationals game this season we'll revisit the previous day's buffet to over-analyze a morsel of information, nugget from the box score, or tasty treat from the post-game quotes.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

An Opening Day win has a way of helping to gloss over some of the things that normally we'd be harping on in this space. To wit:

  • Anthony Rendon getting picked off immediately prior to a Bryce Harper home run.
  • Jayson Werth going 0 for 4 with five stranded runners and getting thrown out on a bad send, safe only due to lack of competence.
  • Ben Revere coming up lame in the very first game.
  • The bullpen follies.
"I was letting him hit 3-0, but he chose not to swing 3-0 because it was inside, must not have been where he wanted. And so, boy, we got some big hits. We need him." -Dusty Baker on Murphy's double
But's let's not dwell on the negative, eh? How 'bout that Daniel Murphy? We knew the guy could hit -- we've been watching him do it to the Nats for several years with the Mets -- but it was nice to see him do it for them for a change.

Not only does he homer and later drive in the winning run, but he also drew two walks, something he did a mere 31 times in 538 plate appearances last season. He even helped out on a double play. A banner day all around for the 31-year-old.