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Game 3 WPA: Not a good day for baseball. Nats lose 4-6

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Roark wasn't sharp, the BABIP gods were against the Nats, the lineup couldn't produce against some guys I never heard of, and Bryce hit a junk-time dinger. It's like we never left 2015. At least it was cold and wet. Special bonus tonight, the season's first strike zone complaint!

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Source: FanGraphs

  • I blame Stras for setting a bad example: Tanner Roark (-21.9%) vividly illustrates the problems with P2C as he walks 3, strikes out 3, and gets BABIP'd for 9 hits and 3 runs in 4 IP.
  • Would-be savior: Daniel Murphy (+28.6%) belts a game-tying, three-RBI triple off the base of the wall in right field to get the Nats back into the game in the first (+25.5%).
  • Not helping with the bats: Wilson Ramos (-19.2%) and Michael Taylor (-20.6%) combine to go 0-9 with 3 Ks and 6 LOB. Jayson Werth (-15.3%) is 0-3 with a walk and 6 LOB.
  • Stat-padding, already? Bryce Harper (+6.5%) is 1-3 with two walks and a 7th-inning solo shot to get the Nats within two (+7.8%).

So, did Barksdale bet the Marlins tonight?

His zone kinda seemed to favor the Marlins pitchers on the inside edge of the zone to righties, didn't it? Let's check pitch F/X:

Gee, I see a lot more red triangles in the right-handed hitter's box where the green squares are. Probably just a coincidence. Say, Lance, I hear Ramos know a good LASIK guy.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by you jerks are going to share my pain tonight: