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Wire Taps: Special Nationals and Stephen Strasburg extension edition!

According to reports last night, Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals have agreed on a 7-year/$175M extension that will keep the '09 No. 1 overall pick in D.C. Here's what everyone is saying about the deal...

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Twas' a quiet night in Natstown. Not much was going on in the Nats' house; Stephen Strasburg was on the mound down a few runs, and the offense lay quiet as a mouse. Then this happened.

First, the details
Shortly after Janes broke the news, Heyman came out with the details. In short, it's a seven year deal worth $175 million with deferrals and an ability for Strasburg to opt out at any point after the third or fourth year.

Strasburg's extension was huge, but he still played it safe
Strasburg might have received more on the open market, but due to his injury history, he might have not received anything.

Twitter reacts to Strasburg's extension
Not Nats Twitter, mind you.

The Nationals finally won on the free agent market
Okay, not technically. But by locking Strasburg up, the Nats finally won a big prize that could have otherwise gone to another team.

The Nationals answered the Mets with Strasburg's extension
New York's rotation, for the long term, looked much stronger than the Nationals, as Strasburg was poised to leave after the 2016 season. A lot changed about that last night.

The 2016/17 free agent class for pitchers is arguably the weakest of the decade

Here's a list of all the free agents for 2016/17, if you're interested.
Home run king Bartolo Colon will be available.

Tonight's Game: Tigers vs Nationals - 7:05 PM (MASN, MLB Network, WJFK)
Probable Pitchers: Michael Fulmer (1-1, 6.30 ERA) vs Joe Ross (3-1, 1.23 ERA)