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Nationals' Bryce Harper receives one-game suspension, fine from MLB for actions following Monday's ejection

Bryce Harper shared his thoughts with home plate umpire Brian Knight when he returned to the field following his ejection to celebrate Clint Robinson's walk-off home run on Monday night. MLB handed down a one-game suspension and fine this afternoon.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball announced a one-game suspension and undisclosed fine for Bryce Harper for "his actions following Monday's ejection" from the Washington Nationals' game with the Detroit Tigers.

Harper was in the dugout when he and other teammates and coaches voiced their opinion of a high third strike call on Danny Espinosa by home plate umpire Brian Knight.

Knight singled Harper out and tossed him, but when the Nationals won the game on a walk-off home run by Clint Robinson in the next at bat, Harper returned to the field to celebrate with his team.

He also took a moment to let Knight know what he thought of the umpire's actions. Asked what he said after the game, Harper told reporters, "A couple choice words, absolutely."

Asked if he thought he might be fined or suspended for his actions, Harper said, "If I do, I do. I'll pay it. Maybe he'll get fined too, we'll see."

Dusty Baker was asked yesterday if he thought there would be some sort of discipline for the 23-year-old, defending NL MVP?

"Well, yeah. He deserves something, a fine or something to me," Baker said.

"Who's not going to come out on the field and celebrate a game-winning home run? What do you think we are, like robots that don't have feelings? You know?

"Probably what he did and said was wrong, but I mean how many people say and do wrong things every day? Plus, I'm not the judge here and I'm not going to help the judge."

MLB announced the decision on Twitter this afternoon:

Harper has reportedly elected to appeal the suspension