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Get your Max Scherzer "Strikeouts are sexy" t-shirt from Breaking T

Apparently the Washington Nationals like the "Strikeouts are sexy" t-shirt our friends at Breaking T created, so they'll be selling them in the team store in Nationals Park, or you can get yourself one through the links below...

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As soon as Max Scherzer's post start press conference was over I emailed our friends at Breaking T to tell them I had an idea for a t-shirt they could sell to celebrate the fact that Scherzer had just collected an MLB record 20 Ks on Wednesday.

Less than twenty-four hours later, they sent me a link to the shirt they came up with:

Buy your Max Scherzer "Strikeouts are sexy." t-shirt from Breaking T HERE.

In case you missed Scherzer's presser after his historic night on the mound in the nation's capital, here's what he said about the outing and all the strikeouts he collected against the team he pitched for before signing on in D.C.

"With those guys, the past couple days, they've had their fun and we've been talking back and forth," Scherzer told reporters.

"I know Victor [Martinez] he's happy cause he went 3 for 4 tonight, so I know we've been talking a little trash but tonight at the end of the night was a special night. Strikeouts are sexy. And to be able to punch out 20, it's sexy."

Sure is, Max:

While Scherzer was happy to tie the record for Ks in a nine-inning game, he was even happier that the Nationals got the win.

"'We won and there's 20 punch outs,'" he said when asked what his first thoughts were after the game. "That's an unbelievable feat.

"The win was the most important thing tonight especially to be able to get a complete game, that's an accomplishment, and then like I said, 'Strikeouts are sexy.' and that just makes it special and the 20 really puts a stamp on it."

The shirts are now going to be available in the team store at Nationals Park, or you can get them through the link here and up top in the story: