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Yasiel Puig joins Bryce Harper and the "Make Baseball Fun Again" campaign

Dodgers' outfielder Yasiel Puig described Bryce Harper as his idol and showed his "Make Baseball Fun Again" cap during a recent postgame interview.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Harper has a new follower in his campaign to "Make Baseball Fun Again". Los Angeles Dodgers' outfielder Yasiel Puig, during an interview with ESPN's Marly Rivera, described Bryce Harper as his new idol and joined his campaign.

"I'm just waiting to get my shirts and baseball caps. He is always been a great friend and a great athlete, and I admire him. "

To those who accuse the hitters of disrespecting pitchers when they score, Puig responded:

"We have to make baseball fun for the fans and not take everything so personal. In baseball, it is more common for a pitcher to punch you out three times than for you to hit the ball out of the park. So after you have struck out three times against a pitcher and you finally get a home run, bat flips are just an emotional expression - not about taunting the pitcher."

Therefore yesterday, during his postgame interview, Puig appeared with a blue "Make Baseball Fun Again" cap and #Puignotlate t-shirt.

Bryce Harper has a new disciple in his campaign: