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Get your Bryce Harper #MBFA2016 t-shirt from Breaking T here...

Our friends at at Breaking T, a DC-based sports apparel start-up, have been on top of all the trending topics to come out of NatsTown in the first two months of the Washington Nationals' 2016 season. The latest? #MBFA2016!!!

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The internet is a crazy place full of memes (Bryce Harper pronounces that "Mem-ays") and GIFs (which Bryce Harper prounounces Jiffs)... where a quote like "That's a clown question, bro" can explode into a nationwide, oft-repeated, t-shirt-worthy catchphrase.

Okay, full disclosure, we don't actually know how Harper pronounces "GIFs", but we do know that the 23-year-old defending NL MVP is a child of the internet who knows how to get a message across and promote that message.

It started with a cap he wore during his postgame interview on Opening Day which declared that the defending NL MVP was determined to "Make Baseball Fun Again!"

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It played on a familiar catchphrase:

If you think for a second that Harper didn't know what he was doing by wearing that hat, you don't know Bryce Harper and you haven't been listening to what he's been saying. The next step in any good campaign is a logo, which Harper affixed to the bottom of his bat recently:

It's all in the decals... #MakeBaseballFunAgain

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Our friends at Breaking T, a DC-based sports apparel start-up, are on top of this stuff. We got a link to their the latest t-shirt last night:

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The Breaking T folks have a number of Nationals-related t-shirts to choose from, including the original "Make Baseball Fun Again" t-shirt:

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Bryce Harper 100 HRs emoji t-shirt to celebrate Harper's 100th career homer:

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Max Scherzer 20 Ks scoreboard:

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Max Scherzer "Strikeouts are sexy" t-shirt:

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