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Game 44 WPA: The triumphant debut of Ben Revere. Nats win 8-2.

It's great the Nats finally brought Revere up from his rehab, and he's come through with big time offense today. Scherzer had another boringly reliable outing. Is it too soon to start taking this for granted? Probably.

"Ichiro got nothin' on me." (Not an actual quote.)
"Ichiro got nothin' on me." (Not an actual quote.)
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Is this all ya got? Max Scherzer (+27.1%) puts together a ho-hum outing, giving up 2 runs over 8 IP with 8 Ks and no walks.
  • We could use this at the top of the lineup: Ben Revere (+14.6%) is 3-5 with 2 stolen bases, scoring both of the Nats' first two runs, and a two-RBI single in junk time.
  • Tony Two-and-a-Half Bags: Anthony Rendon (+10.5%) continues to heat up, going 2-4 with a walk, a two-out, RBI double for eventual winning tally in the third (+9.4%) and a total junk-time two-RBI triple with two outs in the ninth (+1.1%).
  • WPA doesn't care how effective your LASIK is: Wilson Ramos (+5.4%) is 2-3 with a double and two walks.

Today's WPA brought to you by seeing the mix: