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Nationals' lineup for series opener with the Mets: Gio Gonzalez vs Bartolo Colon Round Two

Dusty Baker has the Washington Nationals' regulars back in as the Nats and New York Mets start a three-game set in the nation's capital... weather permitting. Gio Gonzalez vs Bartolo Colon again tonight after the matched up in NY last week.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Bartolo Colon walked five batters in 4 ⅔ innings pitched last time out, when he faced the Washington Nationals last week in Citi Field.

The five walks were the most he issued in a start since 2005, and he issued back-to-back walks for the first time in nine years and then did it again later in the game.

New York's veteran right-hander also gave up five hits and three earned runs in what ended up a 7-1 loss for the Mets.

Colon, 42, told reporters, including ESPN New York's Adam Rubin, that he would put it behind him and move on after the disappointing outing.

"My mindset is once today is done, today is done," Colon explained. "I don't really think back on this. I'll be ready for that start as a fresh start."

Gio Gonzalez went 6 ⅓ innings that night in New York, allowing five hits, a walk and one earned run, while striking out five batters in a 94-pitch outing.

"Gio continues to be one of our best pitchers," Baker told reporters after the game. "He's getting better and better."

Baker was asked about the fact the the left-hander's velocity has been down early this season, while his command has improved (2.42 BB/9 down from 3.54 last season, 3.80 career).

"Everybody loves velocity, but velocity with poor command is no good," he explained.

"So, you've got to have command and throw the ball where you want to throw it. And a lot of guys have velocity but if they don't throw it where they want to throw it, then they just turn it around."

When they do manage to turn it around, Gonzalez has managed to keep the ball in the yard (three home runs in 48 ⅓ innings, 0.56 HR/9) while holding hitters to a combined .214/.277/.289 line.

Colon and Gonzalez are lined up against one another tonight as the Nationals and Mets start a three-game set in the nation's capital.

Here's the Nationals' lineup for the series opener in D.C.: