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Wire Taps: Time to call up Trea Turner; Bryce Harper gets mental day off; Long battle between Nationals and Mets continues

Bryce Harper got a day off. The true story of Max Scherzer's catch with a fan. Trea Turner time? And more...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what's happening on Half St.

Bryce Harper got a "mental day off" yesterday
Harper got a rare day off, as manager Dusty Baker wanted him to take in the game and try to straighten himself out by watching.

June 1st is next week - it's time to call up Trea Turner
Espinosa had his shot, Charlie from the Nationals Review argues. It's time to capitalize on Turner's stellar bat and speed, and make him a part of the daily lineup in D.C.

The full story of Max Scherzer's catch with a Mets fan
"Wanna have a catch?", Max Scherzer said, and a viral video was born.

It's going to be a long and tumultuous battle between the Mets and the Nationals
The Nats and Mets are 3-3 against each other this season, and nobody doubted it would be like this. They won't meet again for more than a month, when the Mets come to Nationals Park in late June. In the meantime, there's going to be a lot of scoreboard-watching.

Bryce Harper was right - the jersey listed as from the Papelbon fight isn't actually from the fight
The jersey itself devalued by $80,000 immediately. Harper explained that as the season had been so spectacular for him, that he wore the same jersey every day. On days where jerseys were being collected, he would wear a different jersey early, give it to the authenticators, then change into his lucky jersey. Got it?

Tonight's Game: Cardinals vs Nationals - 7:05 PM (MASN, MLB Network, WJFK)
Probable Pitchers: Mike Leake (3-3, 4.07 ERA) vs Joe Ross (3-4, 2.70 ERA)