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Washington Nationals' lineup for series finale with St. Louis: Stephen Strasburg vs the Cardinals

Dusty Baker talked before last night's loss about his Washington Nationals treading water right now. Will they end their current homestand with a win in the series finale with the St. Louis Cardinals? They have Stephen Strasburg on the mound today...

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Before last night's loss, the Washington Nationals were scuffling, 5 for 5 in the last ten and 13-13 in the month of May, after a 16-7 start to the season in April.

"Right now, we're in first place, but we're kind of treading water," Dusty Baker told reporters after the third game of three with the St. Louis Cardinals in D.C.

"We haven't caught our stride, we haven't really like -- there's going to be times where we go two times around the rotation -- that's what you want.

"You go two times around the rotation everybody pitching good, now you've got a chance to win 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 10, you know what I mean?

"A couple guys hot, more than a couple guys hot. We've been pretty consistent. I just, as a manager you always want more and we'll get more."

Asked what some of his more consistent teams in the past have had in common, Baker said it was a mindset.

"I think it's a mindset. I think a never-quit attitude, but never be satisfied at the same time, but also to have that 'put your foot on their throat' attitude when you get the lead and I'm hoping that we get more of that here. Cause I've got a pretty nice team, so I like to see them get a little meaner to tell the truth."

The Nationals have an opportunity to earn a split of their four-game set with St. Louis this afternoon in the series finale with the Cardinals, and they're sending Stephen Strasburg to the mound.

Strasburg is (8-0) after ten starts, with Washington 10-0 when he's taken the mound this season and 14-0 in his starts going back to last September.

Here's the lineup Baker is sending out behind Strasburg for the series finale with the Cards: