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Game 26 WPA: Papelblown (there, I said it). Nats lose 6-7.

Roark has a decent outing, the bats put up some decent production, and Paps, uh, how can I put this politely? Paps soils the sheets, as it were.

Oops! Maybe lay off the breaking stuff for a while.
Oops! Maybe lay off the breaking stuff for a while.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Tough breaks: Tanner Roark (-3.0%) gives up 3 runs with 4 Ks and 2 walks, exiting with one out in the ayeth and runners corners.
  • Off the HR Schneid: Anthony Rendon (+9.2%) cranks a one-out solo shot in the first into the LF corner to get the Nats the early lead (+10.2%).
  • No net impact: Daniel Murphy (+0.0%) hits a solo bomb of his own with two outs in the 4th to get the Nats back within one (+10.4%).
  • Welcome back: Wilson Ramos (+24.7%) hits a ground-rule double with one out in the 6th to drive in a game-tying run (+18.6%), part of his 3-4, two-double night.
  • I had never heard of this guy two months ago: Chris Heisey (+2.3%) triples in an insurance run with two down in the 6th (+12.5%).
  • Situation defused: Felipe Rivero (+8.7%) lets in a run but gets the last two outs in the aeyth to hold the lead and earn a shutdown.
  • In need of a day off? Bryce Harper (-16.2%) is 0-5 with 3 Ks and 3 LOB.
  • The DH is an abomination, and you're a big stat-padder: Jayson Werth (+14.1%) hits a no-doubt solo blast to center in the aeyth (+6.4%), although WPA thought his 6th-inning single to put runners corners when it wasn't junk time (+10.5%) was a bigger deal.
  • Much too interesting: Jonathan Papelbon (-91.1%) gives up hit after hit in the 9th until the losing run finally crosses the plate, five in all, in what may be the new worst meltdown of the year.

Tonight's WPA brought to you by stuffed crime: