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Wire Taps: Matt Belisle continues rehab; Trea Turner vs Danny Espinosa defensively; Stephen Strasburg's changeup impresses

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Washington Nationals news while we wait for the start of the Nats series with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Nats have beaten the Cardinals in the season series, 5-2. I'm going to say that again - the Washington Nationals have beaten the St. Louis Cardinals in the season series.

Now that we're no longer shellshocked, here's the latest from Citizens Bank Park.

Zimmerman finally shows results; Belisle continues rehab
Zimmerman typically gets better as the weather gets better. Meanwhile, Matt Belisle continued his rehab, although he was visible in the bullpen yesterday, if only to watch in-between minor-league stints.

Stephen Strasburg is riding his changeup to success
Another weapon in the righty's arsenal against right-handed batters.

Looking at Espinosa's (and Turner's) defense - and how they compare
There are a lot of arguments surrounding whether the Nationals should bring up Trea Turner or not. A big point of conversation is Espinosa's defense, which many consider to be far superior. However, Turner and Espinosa may be closer together on that front than we think.

Span revisits 29-game hit streak
The former Nats' centerfielder recalls one of the highlights of the 2013 season for the Nationals.

Dusty Baker is the secret sauce that makes 2016 taste so much better than 2015
The Dusty effect does seem to be a real thing; the Nationals were only one game worse in their record at this point last year - but this year has felt better from day one.

Scherzer receives book from young fan teaching him to hit a home run
Now, if only a young fan could teach him how to not give up a home run.

Tonight's Game: Nationals vs Phillies - 7:05 PM (MASN, WJFK)
Probable Pitchers: Tanner Roark (3-4, 2.71 ERA) vs Jeremy Hellickson (4-3, 3.97 ERA)