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Wire Taps: Nats wait to activate Ben Revere; Dusty Baker returns to Wrigley; Time to buy into Daniel Murphy

Washington Nationals' skipper Dusty Baker returned to Chicago. Ben Revere will likely return in Chicago. The Nats have three more in Wrigley Field.

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs are as good as advertised, and it's going to be hard to win against them.

Whatever you wore yesterday, wherever you sat yesterday, whatever you ate yesterday, change it. Otherwise, it'll be pretty tough to beat the Cubs.

Here's what's new at Wrigley Field.

Nats wait to activate Revere... for now
The Nationals wanted to make sure Revere could go through a full workout before reactivating him from the DL. Yesterday marked one month since Revere's last at bat.

Jonathan Papelbon is a problem for the Nationals... just not that big of a problem
Papelbon has struggled this season, but there's no reason for the Nats to make a move.

Baker's return to Wrigley was so big with the media, they needed a bigger room
Seems as if the Chicago media had a lot to ask Baker in his first game back at Wrigley in a Nationals uniform.

This is how Bryce Harper's slump came to be
Although it's dead and gone, here's how Harper's rough week happened.

Time to buy into Daniel Murphy
Some questioned if the second baseman's breakout 2015 was a fluke. This season, he's proved otherwise.

Today's Game: Nationals vs Cubs - 2:20 PM (MASN, MLB Network, WJFK)
Probable Pitchers: Max Scherzer (3-1, 3.55 ERA) vs John Lackey (3-1, 4.32 ERA)