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Happy Mother's Day, Nationals!

A special thought for a special day...

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

At 3 months: She is angry with your father because he dresses you in a baseball suit.

At 3 years: She yells at you because you are not able to say the word "grandmother", but you are able to say "Strike" perfectly.

At 5 years: she berates you because you have already broken four vases pitching in the dining room.

Age 7: There's a dispute with your father because she would like you to start swimming lessons, but he signed you up for baseball.

At 10 years: She begins to see your games live. Whenever you are at the plate, she has cardiac issues.

At 14: Trying to get you to understand that the choice of college is more important than the choice of the new baseball cap.

At 16: She says you can't go to practice because you failed four exams.

At 20 years, she has not yet understood what an RBI is.

At 25 years: After the game, she tells you played well, even if you finished with one hit and a .050 average.

At 30, She is sure Beer League baseball is like the MLB and the people who play in it do so because they have not believed in themselves enough to become a pro.

At 40 years: Despite the fact that she does not know the rules and although she understood 5% of everything she has seen, she dislikes that you've stopped playing.

Above all, she has been and always will be your mother.

Happy Mother's Day, Nationals.