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Game 61 WPA: Age is just a number. Nats win 9-6.

Stras isn't at his sharpest, but Ol' Man Werth flashes the bat and the leather to lead an avalanche of hitting that quite suffices.

"I can flyyyyyyy!" [Not an actual quote.]
"I can flyyyyyyy!" [Not an actual quote.]
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Defeated? Stephen "Offense is easier than run prevention" Strasburg (-4.2%) has some struggles with contact, but settles in after giving up 4 runs with 10 Ks and a walk over 7 innings pitched.
  • The 80s were a good decade for werewolves: Jayson "I defy you to make 'old man' jokes about me tonight" Werth (+14.9%) doubles in a pair of runs with one out in the 3rd to get the Nats on the board (+16.1%).
  • BOOM! Wilson "Running the bases is for sucka MCs" Ramos (+8.2%) cranks a monster solo shot into the access way just right of center to get the Nats within one (+12.0%).
  • Back-to-BOOM! Stephen "How many taters do I have to hit before you stop making jokes about me having to assert my existence?" Drew (+13.5%) bashes a solo dinger of his own over the out-of-town scoreboard to tie it up right after the buffa-bomb (+14.3%).
  • But House of Pain was a 90s group! Daniel "[I play the] Hits" Murphy (+8.3%) GDPs to end the 3rd-inning rally (-13.4%); however he yanks a two-RBI double into the RF corner to get the lead in the 5th (+22.0%).
  • Utility junk-timer: Danny "I am still the starting shortstop" Espinosa (+12.9%) lines one into the home bullpen to pad his stats in the 6th with the eventual winning run (+7.0%).

Tonight's WPA brought to you by the dawn of the 80s: