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MLB Draft 2016: Washington Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo on the results of the 2016 Draft

Washington Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo talked to reporters last night about the first two days of the 2016 MLB Draft, which wrapped up this afternoon, after the Nationals had selected 41 players total over 40 Rounds. The full list of the Nats' picks is included below...

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Carter Kieboom, the Washington Nationals' top pick in this year's draft, was asked towards the end of his conference call with reporters on Friday if he thought he'd sign with the organization that made him the 28th overall pick?

Kieboom, 18, whose older brother Spencer has been part of the organization since he as drafted out of Clemson in the 5th Round in 2012, had a commitment to Clemson as well, and he said he had a difficult decision ahead of him.

"It's something I've been thinking about a lot," he said. "I haven't told anyone 100% what I'm going to do yet, and I plan to make that [decision] here within the next day, probably tomorrow I'll make that decision.

"But I'm very thankful for the Nationals organization to give me this opportunity I've been dreaming of my whole life and we'll find out tomorrow what the decision is."

While nothing has been officially announced, it appears from what he said on Twitter this afternoon that Kieboom has made a decision:

"He’s a slick fielding shortstop that has good range and really, really good hands," Nationals' GM Mike Rizzo told reporters in the nation's capital last night.

"He has a good timing mechanism in his head. He really knows the game and great feet and great arm to play the position."

"He has a good timing mechanism in his head. He really knows the game and great feet and great arm to play the position." -Mike Rizzo on the Nationals' top draft pick, Carter Kieboom

After taking Kieboom with the 28th overall pick, the Nationals selected University of Florida right-hander Dane Dunning at No. 29. He was asked if he thought he'd get a deal with Washington done quickly?

"Yes, sir. I do," he said, once he and the Gators are done trying to get to the College World Series.

Rizzo talked about his approach to the Draft when you have back-to-back picks like the Nationals did after receiving compensatory picks when Jordan Zimmermann and Ian Desmond left via free agency this winter.

"There's a little more strategy that's employed into it. We know that we're not going to get our pocket picked from the first round to the second round. Especially with no one in between us. When you go back-to-back, you really can lay out a plan for the entire first round.

"Then, when you acquire those players, that's where you start looking forward to the rest of the draft."

Rizzo talked about some of the other selections the Nationals made in the later rounds as well, including Oklahoma third baseman Sheldon Neuse, the Nationals' 2nd Round pick at No. 58.

"He's got a plus-plus arm at the position," Rizzo said.

"He's got great feet. He's got great quickness and agility that it takes to play that position defensively. His bat is for real and he's a guy that's had extreme success in a really competent league last year and performed very well this year."

With the Nationals' 3rd Round pick, they selected prep school pitcher Jesus Luzardo, a 6'1'', 205-pound lefty who was (4-0) with a 0.66 ERA in four starts and 21 innings pitched at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL before he suffered a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow.

Luzardo underwent Tommy John surgery, performed by Dr. James Andrews in March, and Rizzo said they did their due diligence on him before making the selection.

"He was an extremely highly regarded left-handed starting pitcher before he [underwent] Tommy John surgery.

"He was very carefully scouted. We had seen him for years. He’s a guy that has stuff now and still has room to improve. The surgery was done by Dr. Andrews, so we trust that it’s done well.

"Our area scout has a great rapport with the family so we know what type of worker he is. Hopefully, as we bring him along with our Tommy John protocol he can reach the heights that he had reached pre-surgery."

The Nationals selected outfielder Nick Banks out of Texas A&M with their 4th Round pick, at No. 94 overall, then took another outfielder, Daniel Johnson, in the 5th Round with the 154th pick.

"He can fly, I know that," Rizzo said, when asked about Johnson, a 5'10'' 185-pound, left-handed hitting and throwing outfielder out of New Mexico State who put up a .382/.434/.630 line with 11 doubles, seven triples, 12 home runs and 29 stolen bases in 33 attempts over 57 games this season.

"He’s an 80 runner. He’s a guy that played extremely well, WAC player of the year, a guy that we’ve seen in junior college in the past." -Mike Rizzo on Nationals' 5th Round pick, Daniel Johnson

"He’s an 80 runner. He’s a guy that played extremely well, WAC player of the year, a guy that we’ve seen in junior college in the past. A guy that comes with a really capable speed, defense, athleticism skill set that plays in the middle of the field.

"He had a great offensive season hitting some home runs over there at New Mexico State. A guy that’s really exciting to watch."

Rizzo talked about the two catchers the Nationals took as well, Tres Barrera, out of the University of Texas, Austin, who was the 184th pick in the 6th Round and Joseph Harris, out of Gonzaga, with the 274th overall pick in the 9th.

Barrera, he said, "is going to be an extremely versatile offensive player, but we think he can still stay behind the plate."

Harris, Rizzo said, "... can really, really catch and throw right now and if his bat develops, he turns into a guy we think can be an everyday guy."

When all 40 Rounds and 41 selections were complete, the Nationals had drafted 12 right-handed pitchers, eight left-handers, six outfielders, ten infielders and five catchers.

Ten were high school players, four were from two-year colleges and 27 were from four-year colleges and universities.

Asked about the fact the Nationals went position-player heavy in the first two days, Rizzo said that's just how things ended up working out.

"The players that we took certainly fell to us where we felt we were very, very fortunate and comfortable to take.

"Very rarely do we identify a position that we want to draft. It just so happens that these were the best players that we thought were available in each round."

Here's the full list of the Nationals' selections from all 40 Rounds: