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Nationals' lineup for the series finale with the Phillies + Dusty Baker on the Nats' bench

A few of the Washington Nationals' everyday players got the day off in yesterday's 8-0 win over the Philadelphia Phillies and Nats' skipper Dusty Baker talked about the contributions from his bench players after the win + Today's lineup for the series finale...

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Ryan Zimmerman, Jayson Werth and Danny Espinosa all sat out of Saturday's game with the Philadelphia Phillies, and the players who replaced them in the lineup, Clint Robinson, Michael A. Taylor and Stephen Drew combined to go 7 for 11 in the 8-0 win.

Dusty Baker talked to reporters after the game about the performance from Washington's bench players so far this season.

"No. 1, they work hard," Baker said, "and they don't get caught off guard, I mean, cause if anything you can always turn it off if you're not called upon, but it's hard to turn it on all of a sudden.

"So these guys, they pay attention during the game."

"Our guys, [Assistant Hitting Coach] Jacque Jones and [Hitting Coach] Rick Schu keep them ready," Baker continued, "and keep them abreast on who they might be facing and and what the situation is going to be and so, like I said, they're always prepared and that makes it easier on me for when I call upon a guy."

Baker said it was also something of a relief to get out to a big lead and have a little breathing room like they did on Saturday.

"I tell you, it's good for the manager," he joked. "It's great for the manager. Jacque and I were talking about that the other day and I said, 'Man, we need one or two of those guys,' but we've had quite a few in succession and so it's real good for the lineup to roll around, for guys to get five at bats versus four a lot of times, guys are getting multiple -- it's really good for guys to get multiple hits in these games, especially when they're in the middle part of their bullpen or their defense is a little bit tired, they're not quite as sharp, and that's when you usually make some pretty good hay."

In the series finale with the Phillies this afternoon, Baker went gave both Ben Revere and Bryce Harper the day off.

Here's the Nationals' lineup for the third of three with the Phillies in D.C.:

We talked about last night's game, Tanner Roark's performance and the job the bench bats did on Nats Nightly after the Nationals' win: