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Game 63 WPA: Beware the DC strangler! Nats win 5-4.

Ross had a reasonable outing with some nominal, if not overwhelming, run support. Too bad Papelbon is for some reason still pitching in high-leverage situations. Luckily, I think it was a full moon this evening.

"WE GOT 'EM!!" (Actual quote.)
"WE GOT 'EM!!" (Actual quote.)
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Think how good he'll be with a 3rd pitch: Joe "Warning-Track Power" Ross (+2.3%) can't hit one out to make up for the three runs he gives up over 7 IP with 8 Ks and no walks.
  • WPA is not a fan of trading outs for anything: Daniel "Hits, but not right now" Murphy (-0.9%) walks to loads the bases with no outs in the 1st (+7.2%). Consecutive sac flies from Ryan Zimmerman (-8.4%) and Wilson Ramos (-7.1%) create an early two-run lead but are worth only +2.4% WPA.
  • Sac flies are for stat-padders: Danny "Tray? You mean like for serving drinks?" Espinosa (+16.6%) lines a solo shot out to the back right corner of the visiting bullpen to put the Nats up by 3 in the 2nd (+7.5%).
  • Hope Belisle takes his time rehabbing: Sammy "Rivero 2.0" Solis (+10.4%) allows a hit but throws a scoreless aeyth to keep the game tied and earn a shutdown.
  • Strike that, Belisle can take Paps' roster spot: Jonathan "Can you believe I get a win for this?" Papelbon (-30.8%) gives up the go-behind run on the first batter he faces in the 9th to earn a meltdown.
  • Rally time: Bryce "C'mon it's my day off" Harper gets a hustle pinch-hit single with one out in the 9th (+9.5%). Espy singles to put two on (+12.5%). Clint "Auto-link recognizes me tonight!" Robinson draws a pinch-hit walk to load 'em up one out later (+10.0%).
  • That's what dreams are made of, let's go! Jayson "We got 'em! (This an actual quote.)" Werth (+84.9%) caps off his 2-3, two-walk game with a two-out, two-RBI, walkoff single (+73.4%).

Today's WPA brought to you by clowns and jokers: