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Watch Werth’s walkoff hit and his post-game interview

Werth plates the winning and then slips a few past the censors in a rousing post-game interview.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

What an epic game! Great pitching, then some not so great pitching. Clutch hitting at all the right times. The Cubs tried so hard to put this game away, but the Nats came back again and again and won after a long, grueling, and very exciting game!

Here is Jayson Werth's 12th inning walkoff hit that won this ever so epic game:

And here is Jayson’s post-game interview that has so many people talking:

Did we forget to mention...

Poor Dan Kolko. Maybe they’ll let him dress up as Captain America next time he interviews Werth. I doubt Werth would pay him any more attention, but it would be fun to watch.

It’s a win for D.C. though! Clutch Jayson Werth is here to stay!