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Game 66 WPA: Predictably dramatic. Nats win 5-4.

Where do I even start? Stras was great, then a bunch of exciting stuff happened. Werthquake.

Yep, pretty much sums it up.
Yep, pretty much sums it up.
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(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Sadly, you could just fast-forward through this bit: Stephen Strasburg (+32.7%) has another routinely solid outing, giving up 1 run in 7 IP with 8 Ks and a single walk... and doesn't figure in the decision.
  • It's like stringing hits together, except just one guy: Ben Revere (7.9%) singles to lead off the first, steals second, and later ties the game on a two-out wild pitch (+8.2%).
  • Getting back into shape: Felipe Rivero (+10.4%) keeps it tied with a scoreless aeyth to earn a shutdown.
  • Precedented, part one: Stephen Drew belts a pinch-hit solo shot out to right field to put the Nats ahead in the aeyth (+30.1%).
  • Not so good: Matt Belisle (-19.8%) faces one batter in his return to the bullpen and gives up a leadoff double in the 9th. Oliver Perez (-47.3%) follows up by surrendering a two-run bomb to put the Nats behind (-48.9%). Both earn meltdowns.
  • Drama, batter-to-batter: Bryce Harper (-0.3%) walks to leadoff the 9th (+13.3%). Ryan Zimmerman (-20.6%) strikes out after Harp gets into scoring position on a groundout (-13.5%). Happily, Wilson Ramos (+28.9%) singles him in to send the game to extras (+42.3%).
  • Not sore: Shawn Kelley (+15.2%) holds the deficit at one by getting the last two outs in the 9th, then throws a scoreless 10th to earn a shutdown.
  • Uh-oh: Yusmeiro Petit (-17.6%) throws a scoreless 11th, but coughs up the lead in the 12th for a meltdown.
  • Bottom of the order: Danny Espinosa (+1.7%) takes one for the team with one out in the 12th (+9.5%), then steals second (+7.2%). Michael Taylor (+41.1%) drives him in with a single to tie it up (+35.7%).
  • Precedented, part two: Jayson Werth (+42.0%) bounces a long drive off of the out-of-town scoreboard about a foot from the top to score MAT (running on the pitch) and chalk up a walkoff with two out in the 12th (+43.8%).
  • Rough night: Anthony Rendon (-28.4%) is 0-5 with 2 Ks and 3 LOB, getting ejected for having ungenerous thoughts about Bob Davidson (who is apparently either psychic or a big jerk). However, he starts a pair of timely double plays in the aeyth (+14.8%) and 10th (+13.4%).

This WPA brought to you by the peckish lupine canid: