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Nationals' lineup vs Padres + Dusty Baker on the dangers of West Coast road trips...

Washington Nationals' skipper Dusty Baker talked to reporters on Wednesday afternoon about the dangers of West Coast road trips. He's giving veteran infielders Daniel Murphy and Ryan Zimmerman the night off in the series opener in San Diego...

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Dusty Baker talked before the series finale with the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday about the difficult road trip that the Washington Nationals were heading out on after the game. It starts tonight with the first of four in San Diego, then it's three games with the Dodgers in Los Angeles and three with the Milwaukee Brewers in Miller Park.

For the next seven days, however, the Nationals are out of the West Coast, which Baker, who played for eight years in LA and two in Oakland, said can be dangerous.

"The West Coast has always been tough on teams," Baker said.

"Usually if you can come out of the West Coast -- I mean, the Cubs went to the West Coast and they had a little trouble out there. There are a lot of distractions out there.

"And so, I'm going to talk to the guys today, cause I've seen the West Coast destroy teams. But this is a pretty resilient team. Because you go to the coast man, everybody has friends, relatives, a couple of fleas and some parasites, on the West Coast, it's true. And the families like to go to the West Coast, they want to go to Disney Land, they want to go to SeaWorld, sometimes guys want to go to Tijuana.

"I've seen guys rent boats, I've seen guys sunburned, I've seen guys go to Universal Studios and can't get a ride back and can't play cause they've got blisters on their feet, so [these are] some of the warnings, of going to the coast, it's true.

"It's no joke going to the Coast."

Washington's win on Wednesday gave them wins in five of their last six, eight of the last ten and 12 of their last 16 games.

Since 2012, the Nationals are 17-9 against the Padres and they haven't lost a series to San Diego over that stretch.

Here's the lineup that Dusty Baker is sending out for the series opener in Petco: