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Game 67 WPA: Oppo-boppo. Nats win 8-5.

Roark wasn't lights out, but he didn't let it get out of hand, and the lineup came through with plenty of runs, featuring Harper, Ramos and Rendon powering the Sunday lineup on Thursday.

"Oh, D!NG3RZ, how I've missed you." (Not an actual quote.)
"Oh, D!NG3RZ, how I've missed you." (Not an actual quote.)
Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Source: FanGraphs

(What do these graphs mean?)

  • Good enough: Tanner Roark (-15.3%) gives up 4 runs over 6 innings pitched, fanning 5 and walking 2.
  • The rest of his night had zero net WPA: Bryce Harper (+24.9%) flips a two-run bomb the other way into the left field corner to put the Nats ahead in the third (+24.9%).
  • Back-to-back jacks: Wilson Ramos (+15.5%) hits his own oppo blast to deep right center right after Harp (+11.7%).
  • One-man, two-out rally: Anthony Rendon (+10.2%) cranks a solo bomb out to left with two down in the 6th (+13.8%).
  • Eventful but effective: Blake Treinen (+7.1%) fans two, walks one, and gives up a hit over the course of a scoreless 7th to earn a shutdown.

This WPA brought to you by you can't always find another bottle of lightning, even if you look in the same place: