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Nationals' bench coach Chris Speier hides the Philly Phanatic's motorbike keys

Washington Nationals' bench coach Chris Speier got the better of the Philly Phanatic last night, pranking the prankster and turning the tables on the "loveable" mascot...

Photo screencap via
Photo screencap via

The Philly Phanatic is one of the most popular mascots in MLB.

His pranks on players and coaches are famous, but this time he not only failed, but he was the one who ended up getting mocked.

The Nationals' bat boy stole the keys of the Phanatic's motorbike and gave them to Chris Speier, the Nationals' bench coach.

The game was postponed by three minutes because Phanatic had to move the motorbike off the field. The whole scene was very funny.

The Nationals beat the Phillies on and off the field... Maybe next time, Phanatic!