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Wire Taps: Stephen Strasburg scratched; Vin Scully calls Strasburg "Spielberg"; MASN files motions against Nats

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Washington Nationals news, all in one place... starting RIGHT NOW!

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the Nationals should avoid Dodger Stadium; in 2013, Bryce Harper continued his string of injuries after a collision with a wall, and now Stephen Strasburg has strained his back. Coincidence? I think not.

Here's the latest from Los Angeles.

Harper's batter's box ritual becomes commercial
Harper's routine is nameless, but nonetheless, is the focus of a new national commercial.

Strasburg scratched with back strain
Yusmeiro Petit got the start in his place.

Vin Scully calls Stephen Strasburg "Stephen Spielberg"
Two great members in their fields - both make absurd amounts of money - not an impossible mistake to make.

Washington Nationals, Reddit, team up to teach Zambian children baseball
It sounds odder than it is - three unlikely groups converging on baseball - but apparently the kids have gone from a cricket-style of play to arguing balls and strikes.

MASN files more motions against Nationals, MLB
MASN is accusing Major League Baseball of working in collusion with the Nationals (A team that is a member of Major League Baseball).

Michael A. Taylor homers directly into backpack
There's hot, and then there's "hitting homers into an open backpack" hot.

Tonight's Game: Nationals vs Dodgers - 10:10 PM (MASN2, WJFK)
Probable Pitchers: Tanner Roark (6-4, 3.14 ERA) vs Scott Kazmir (5-3, 4.64 ERA)